Dear Runnymede, Runnymede,
You make us all brave,
to learn a new way,
To live with this School forever.

These are words from the song composed by Year 6 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the School in 2017. They display the continued commitment this school has to creativity and innovation, and in no department is this more evident than in Music. Our facilities include a large state-of-the-art music room with an attached theatre where our pupils get a chance to display their talents. Armed with ukuleles, recorders, pianos, violins and many more instruments, our students explore the joys of music through personalised teaching on composition and performance.

The pleasure of playing is complemented by a rigorous approach to the external examinations, with many of our pupils aiming to obtain grade 8 in their favourite instruments.

We provide our students with regular opportunities to perform in front of large crowds, which we believe will not only improve their musical ability under pressure but also their self-confidence. The Department’s most famous events are: The Christmas Concert, The British Benevolent Fund Concert (some years held at the British Embassy in Madrid), the Senior School Talent Show and the Summer Fair.

We offer Music IGCSE and ABRSM (Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music).