Sixth Form

All students in Years 12 and 13 are members of the Runnymede Sixth Form. Admission to the sixth form will depend on a student’s IGCSE grades, although other considerations may be taken into account.

There have recently been many changes to the A levels which all Runnymede students take in the sixth form. Runnymede is an exam centre for Edexcel, AQA and OCR examination boards.

Nearly all Year 12 students will take four A level subjects. These subjects now follow a two-year linear course, and students will take final examinations in their subjects at the end of Year 13. There will be internal exams at the end of Year 12, which will play an important part in deciding on students’ predicted grades for university application. Some students may drop a subject at the end of Year 12, but as they will have completed a year of the course, they will still have shown academic breadth and interest, even if they do not receive an official exam grade. It is important to remember that British universities only make offers of places on the basis of three A level grades.

All sixth form students also study for and take the IELTS examinations in English language proficiency at the end of Year 12. This fulfils a possible criterion which some UK universities ask for as part of the application process, and is also a useful means of sustaining students’ written and oral fluency in English.

In addition, certain students may be allowed to begin five A levels at the start of Year 12, but only with specific permission from the Headmaster and Co-Heads of Sixth Form.

Head of Sixth Form Interview (video)

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Runnymede Options website

This website provides information to help students make decisions with regard to their options at IGCSE, A level and beyond. The password is available from teachers.