Copa Primavera 2018

Team Runnymede's boy's football teams dominated the final of the Copa Primavera and bravely fought to the bitter end, securing the title of Runners up in two categories and the winner's trophy in the third. A huge well done to all involved.

Whilst Team Benjamin A did not quite manage to take the top spot, their game was top class. It was only the excellent play of the opposing goalkeeper which managed to take the victory from them.

Despite a fantastic effort from our Infantil team, it wasn't meant to be. However, despite the obstacles and difficulties thrown at them, the team fought until the last second and very much deserved the second place they secured.

Our Alevin team has once again secured a victory, winning with ease in the final of the Copa del Primavera. It has been a triumphant year and we look forward to further victories next season.