Making Runnymede History at Aldovea

This year was a year of firsts for Runnymede at the Cross de Aldovea. Despite a gruelling route and the heat of the sun beating down, students from all over Madrid came together to test their physical fitness and will power in these 1650m, 3000m and 5000m races.

Well done to Hannah M in Year 13 for her triumph; she beat off another 51 competitors to secure first place, the first time one of our students has won one of the female races.

We would also like to congratulate the Alevin Boys, Max V, Juan de la C, Diego N and Alexander C, who sprinted into first place, the first time Team Runnymede has won a team title. Max V deserves a specific mention for his second place in this huge race of 501 participants. What an achievement!

Similar congratulations goes to Josefa P whose speed and stamina grabbed her another second place position against 505 other competitors.

Finally, congratulations to all who took part and represented Runnymede. It is very much deserved.