Darwin Rocks

The Junior School pride themselves on their outstanding drama productions and the first of this school year was no exception. Year 5 chose a subject that would link with their work on the Victorians later in the year by performing a musical entitled ‘Darwin Rocks!’
The show was introduced by Evo, Lu and Chan - ambassadors from the distant future who brought their theatre company back in time with them.
They began the journey by taking us to meet the hero of the hour - Charles Darwin.

The children of Year 5 told the story of his life and how he wrote ‘Origin of Species’ and also the story of the voyages of ‘The Beagle’ through an entertaining and amusing original script written by author Steve Tiford.
There was excellent acting, solo singing, and dancing with great teamwork as the children and teachers worked together to entertain for an impressive performance of nearly an hour.

They sang the final song ‘Nothing Beats Being You’ from the heart which was loved by their parents and the children of the Junior School. We look forward to the productions from Year 2 and Year 4 before the end of the term.