From Runnymede to Fever: Old Runnymedian Ignacio Bachiller Ströhlein delivers a fascinating talk about his journey to CEO

On Wednesday 16th December, as part of our series of Old Runnymedian Careers Talks, VI Form students and their parents had the chance to hear from Ignacio Bachiller Ströhlein, co-founder and CEO of Fever Labs.

Ignacio graduated from Runnymede in 2010 before going on to study Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Energy at MIT. During this time, he also completed a year abroad at the University of Cambridge. After graduating, he worked at McKinsey as an analyst before co-founding Fever Labs, becoming CEO in 2015. Just four years later, in 2019, Ignacio was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Fever is an online platform and app through which users can purchase tickets for events, concerts, exhibitions, pop-ups, and comedy shows. The company employs over 300 people across Madrid, London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Lisbon, and Barcelona, operates in over 30 cities worldwide, and has raised $70m in venture funding. Fever also owns the Secret Media Network, which attracts millions of global readers each week through social media channels such as Madrid Secreto and Secret London, which help users discover the best experiences in their capital city.

During his talk on Wednesday evening, Ignacio provided a fascinating insight into his trajectory from Runnymede to Fever. It was particularly interesting to hear about the differences between his experiences at two of the highest ranked universities in the world. He also offered some invaluable advice concerning applications to the USA and the UK, and the key differences between the two processes.

When talking about his experiences working at the management consulting giant McKinsey, Ignacio was keen to emphasise that although his time at the company was short, the skills he developed there were a key contributor to his success in his start-up venture. He also talked with alacrity and candour about the major influence of having studied in many multicultural environments, first at Runnymede and later at university, affirming that this was a key contributor to his success in creating and managing a global start-up that continues to develop and thrive. It was also inspiring to hear about the ways in which he had ensured that Fever not only survived the pandemic, but thrived, 2020 having been its most lucrative year to date.

As always, this Old Runnymedian careers talk was dynamic and student-focused, with plenty of opportunities for participants to put forward their questions. To the many perceptive questions put forward by our pupils and their parents alike, Ignacio responded openly and eloquently. Ignacio was a delight to talk to, and there is no doubt that he has inspired our pupils to follow in his footsteps.

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