Halloween Party

The Students’ Council got off to a flying start, soon after they were formed, by fulfilling one of their briefs to raise funds for the school charity.

They promoted, organised and ran a Halloween party for the children of the Junior School.

Over a hundred children from Years 4, 5 and 6 purchased their tickets in advance and the event was soon sold out. There was a great deal of anticipation and excitement in the days before the party.

The Year 12 students worked really hard alongside volunteers from the school charity to decorate the school gym, there were spooky games, costume and dance competitions and lots of food and drinks.

The children had a lovely time and over 1000€ was raised for the charity ‘Sonar Despierto’ who will no doubt put the money to good use to provide fun activities for children in foster care in the Madrid area.

A fantastic example of the Senior and Junior Schools working closely together for a good cause!