Junior School Inter House Sports Day

The first week of term saw another successful Junior School Inter House Sports day for all the children in KS2. This important event in the sporting calendar finally arrived following much planning and preparation. The day got off to an excellent start with the children walking to the stadium accompanied by their teachers and parent volunteers. We were very grateful for the police escort provided by the Alcobendas police. Once in the stadium the children joined their houses in the stands and proudly wore bibs in their house colours, waved banners and pom-poms, chanted support and cheered on their teams.

There was a sea of yellow, green, red and blue as the children showed their support for Austen, Keynes, Locke or Newton. There was a fantastic atmosphere of healthy competition and friendly rivalry with all the children and staff focussed on team spirit and good sportsmanship; however Austen stood out for their unstinting cheering and banner waving.

One after another the races and field events took place; with the winning children proudly wearing the new bronze, silver or gold bracelets and the children who came in last often with smiles on their faces. The highlight of the event though must have been the first tug of war between the teams of Austen and Keynes, two teams that were so evenly matched that the struggle took many minutes to reach its conclusion.

There were more races and events this year and the points for each team kept coming but when the final score was announced it was Newton who were declared the winners.