Junior School Prize Giving

One of the highlights of the School Year for Years 3 to 6 is the annual Prize Giving Ceremony, which was celebrated on Saturday 9th June. This preceded the Summer Fair which was enjoyed by children, parents and teachers whilst raising money for this Year ’s charity. During the ceremony Kubuka gratefully received a cheque for 16.479,00 €.

At Prize Giving we celebrated the collective achievements of the Junior School, academic, artistic, dramatic and sporting. The children, and the choir in particular conducted by Miss Balashova, performed ‘A Million Dreams’, a beautiful song from the film the ‘Greatest Showman’.

The arrangement was by Mr Thomas who accompanied the singing on the piano. At the ceremony we said goodbye to two well loved and respected teachers who are retiring, Mrs Robinson and Miss Balashova. In Miss Barr’s speech she spoke about our pride in our school and especially in its staff. She spoke about the dreams of Mr And Mrs Arthur Powell and the new building project which is well under way. She quoted Stephen Hawking who once said that “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. This is what our school will do as we keep our aim on the fantastic future for Runnymede which lies ahead.