Julia Powell Sports Hall and Auditorium

  • February 24, 2021
  • Category: Campus

Our new Sports Hall and Auditorium was inaugurated yesterday evening by our Team Volleyball girls who trained here for the first time. PE lessons will also be held in this new space from now on and we will schedule five weekly physical training sessions for VIth Formers (functional training, pilates, interval training).

The building and its surrounding training tracks (sprint, long/triple/high jump, throws) and spaces will also be home to Team Runnymede Athletics and Judo.

Architects Luis Rojo and Begoña Fernández-Shaw (RFS Arquitectos) have designed and equipped the building to meet the changing needs of the school, offering us a space large enough for the whole school to meet for assemblies and celebrations as well as offering a platform for the Arts to flourish.

Here, our students will also come to perform, to debate, to speak and to entertain. It will witness many of the triumphs and celebrations of each student as they come up through the school and so will be a place that future Runnymede pupils will remember affectionately.