Junior School Spartan Race

What a fun and thrilling event the first ever RUNnymede Spartan Race was!

Thanks to the creativity of the PE department and the enthusiasm of the Junior School Staff, the alternative to the annual KS2 Cross Country Race/KS1 Flat Races was a great success; the first ever RUNnymede Spartan Race aimed to challenge the students whilst having fun participating in a safe sporting event.

A challenging circuit of obstacles around the campus was set up and the children participated in their bubbles; individual times were recorded with every child gaining points for their School House. The children had to run uphill, vault the vaulting horse, slalom through posts, balance, lift weights, drag car tyres, climb through a maze of elastic, crawl under and jump over obstacles including a challenging inflatable complete with climbing wall and tunnels.

The excitement and anticipation of the children, and staff, was tangible. The children said it had been a brilliant experience and want to do it again soon! Congratulations to all involved, especially to the winning house, Locke! In 2nd place we had Newton and not far behind, Keynes and Austen on 3rd and 4th place, respectively.