Runnymede Parents Fundraising Initiative

We would like to share yet another impressive initiative from the Runnymede community in the fight against Covid-19.

Our parents have raised €50,000 for the purchase of sanitary equipment.

2000 pieces of PPE, 3000 face masks, 1000 protective glasses, 1000 protective screens, 8000 caps, 3000 tights, and 4000 gloves will be distributed to 31 hospitals and 16 care homes in Madrid.

They have also coordinated the efforts of a number of local hotels who have donated slippers, aprons and hats to the IFEMA hospital.

With the purchase of two 3D printers and valves they have also contributed to the production of ICU respirators (using diving equipment) and protective screens.

What a fantastic effort! Well done to our parents.