Physics Fun at Runnymede

In November two of our Year 12 physicists, Diego F and Maria V attended a Particle Physics Masterclass organised by CIEMAT. Apart from revising concepts they cover in their A level syllabus, they saw particle tracks in a cloud chamber, had a Skype conference with CERN staff and were able to work on real CERN data. The experience was most rewarding for both students and we hope to be sending more next year.

In school we enjoyed a Physics talk for Year 12 physicists on Photonics by two guest speakers, Prof. Vergaz and Prof. Garcia, from the Electronic Technology department at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. Apart from learning about light, students saw some daily applications of photonics including optic fibres, cancer treatment or the pulse oximeter. After the talk, some Year 11 students were lucky enough to have a hands on lesson on some applications of light. We would like to thank both speakers for coming to Runnymede and the students for their engagement during the talk and the activity. We look forward to getting more external speakers in the near future.