Runnymede gets ready for Cambridge

Runnymede College was chosen, along with 49 other international schools from around the world, to attend the 2nd University of Cambridge International Guidance Counsellor Conference. The course demystified the undergraduate admissions process and highlighted some of the unique aspects of the university - such as "supervisions" (the weekly tutorial for 1 or 2 students with an academic). Every session was held in a different and equally magical/ancient part of the university. Evensong at Corpus Christi College Chapel which celebrated 40 years of women being admitted into the university was particularly special.

For the "supervision" we attended the librarian retrieved a manuscript from the vault from 1198 and showed us the historic Parker Library. It was interesting to see first-hand how skills used in obtaining information from such an ancient text are fully transferable to many modern careers.

After meeting current students, who shared with us their backgrounds, experiences and details of their interview, we went on to look at typical interview questions for a range of subjects. A particularly challenging example being (for Theology or Philosophy) Is believing in God the same as believing in the Tooth Fairy?