Science Week in The Junior School

It is hardly surprising that when Junior School Science week was announced there was a cheer from the children!

The theme this year is ‘Journeys’ and the children worked really hard to produce some most impressive posters, whether they were about Journeys in Space, or Life Cycles, or the Journey of Germs, or the Water Cycle or the Digestive System they were beautifully researched and presented. Judging them was extremely difficult but finally the winners received a scientific toy and the runners up a certificate.

In every class throughout the school there were experiments and investigations. Pre Nursery investigated the properties of ice and ‘oobleck’; they made snowstorms in a jar. In Nursery they made static electricity and oceans in a bottle and they made ice and painted with it!

In Reception they exploded rockets using fizzy vitamin tablets to send superheroes into space!

Year 1 explored the properties of materials and static electricity; they enjoyed a talk from Javier’s grandfather about ocean pollution.

Year 2 explored a variety of areas from waterproof materials to the spread of germs, learning that a single sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air! They also tested the impact of different road surfaces whilst travelling the continents.

Year 3 examined rocks, made fossils and enjoyed a talk from Jaime's father about Space Exploration.

Year 4 all enjoyed participating in a variety of activities with balloon rockets, all too realistic simulations of the digestive system, choreographed water cycle dances and tested paper aeroplanes.

Year 5 investigated optical illusions, the impact of liquid densities and homemade lava lamps. They also enjoyed two talks from parents, Naomi's father talked about the many applications of technology and Eric's father spoke about science and cancer treatments. Last, but by no means least, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the new science laboratories in the Founders Building where they used bunsen burners, wore protective glasses and made gases pop. Along with Year 4 they were also privileged to hear Gonzalo and Alejandra's mother update them on the latest findings of the exciting Mars exploration mission on which she works. They also received a demonstration of a robotic artificial limb produced on a 3D printer from Mrs O'Reilly's son.

Needless to say Science Week was a great success and future generations of scientists will have been inspired to enter the fascinating world of science and technology.