Science Week

In the last week of term the Junior School celebrated science their annual Science Week, using many of the resources from British Science Week.

The children throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6 have enjoyed performing the experiments prepared for them by their teachers. In Nursery they mixed Coca Cola and Mentos and were amazed by the chemical reaction. In Reception, Science Week was combined with Easter and they performed numerous egg-periments, the children couldn't believe that 3 eggs could support the weight of 16 heavy books!

Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a carousel of fantastic experiments including another chemical reaction with milk, food colouring and detergent; they loved using ballons to generate static electricity.

Year 3 tested the absorbency of different materials.

Year 4 covered a variety of scientific concepts as they also experimented with static electricity; making and breaking circuits; examining specimens through a microscope and learnt about irreversible changes whilst enjoying some cooking for Easter.

Year 5 concluded the term's work on ‘Forces’ by designing and constructing a variety of bridges and testing them to see how strong they were. They also had to use their knowledge of levers to make a working model wheelbarrow with a wheel and axle.

Year 6 enjoyed a demonstration and informative talk from an enthusiastic, aspiring student of Electronic Engineering. They used their knowledge of electricity and magnets as they learnt about electromagnetism, magnetic fields and conductors. They also tried their hand at programming Spheros to practise Morse Code or simulate a Rover exploring Mars.

All the children enjoyed 5B's Assembly in which they told us interesting facts about young inventors and highlighted the importance of science as the children imagined a world without It.

The chorus of their song ‘Scientific Method’ will serve them well in the future

“Make an observation
Ask a question
Form a hypothesis
And make a prediction
Do a test or experimentation
Analyse data and draw a conclusion!”