Year 10, 12 and 13 Sketchbook Studies

Some fantastic artwork created by our Year 10, 12 and 13 pupils as part of their ongoing sketchbook studies.

Year 10 students have been working on the theme of “Surfaces”. Each student has responded in a personal way and have produced a set of images depicting their individual journey.

Focusing on natural surfaces, particularly trees and plants. This led to studying the way Japanese print makers represent such elements, along with their reflection on water.

This work flows around live, underwater surfaces. She started looking at beautifully colourful fish scales and jelly fish. This image shows her next step towards studying more species of submarine fauna - octopus and starfish

Lilys in glass vase: Elena P. has been looking at colours and textures found in flowers, paying particular attention to still-life.

Year 12 students have their own theme to structure their projects around.

Stella's work revolves around a self-portrait in the form of a journey. She is exploring every element from her native homeland to the foods she grew up with. This is a pencil drawing of a teapot that belongs to her grandmother.

Alex L is exploring “Freedoms and limitations”, and this painting shows an example of the current situation the world is going through.

Multiple portraits: Elena has been working on gender expectations and inequality. This piece is part of a series of studies of female liberation from stereotypes and restrictions.

Lucía's piece is part of a series of in-depth studies of the concept of chiaroscuro and tension, looking at it from a conceptual point of view.

Year 13.

Victoria K shows her own take on the global pandemic and how invisible restrictions could be represented physically. This set of images makes us wonder about the nature of authority and the conflict between control and protection.