Senior School Sports Day 2019

Another year, another Sports Day and another chance for our students to show off their sporting prowess.

This year also saw two more fun events added to the more rigorous schedule of track and field events. Students took part for the first time in the egg and spoon and sack races and enjoyed all of the dives and tumbles that came with them.

Students were also given bracelets to recognise their individual achievements and many students left at the end of the day with an arm full of bronze, silver and gold bands.

The Sponsored Run was as spectacular to watch as always as the entire Senior School set off to attempt as many laps as possible to raise money for our charity, Kubuka.

The day ended with the teachers once again beating the Year 13 in their annual Tug-of-war extravaganza.
Well done to Keynes who managed to emerge triumphant with 1253 House Points.