Team Runnymede Rugby

On the 20th January, our rugby team braved the cold to take part in the Winter Soto Rugby Tournament, organised by the Soto de Real Rugby Club. As our pupils joined a hundred other children, playing good rugby and having fun became the focus, with the competition taking clear second place.

After a well deserved break, they faced the CRC, a fight which they knew wasn’t going to be an easy one. Our team hung on, however, and won by a narrow margin.

However, the third game, against Alcobendas, soon loomed and promised to be even more challenging. Alcobendas played a fantastic game and although Runnymede managed to hold them back on occasions, they emerged the champions.

The defeat was soon forgotten though as our team came back out onto the field with an admirable show of energy and strength and secured the final victory over a second Alcobendas team, leaving them flushed with success and proving that hard work really does pay off.

The entire team was then rewarded with snacks, along with the other teams and their families, and allowed to enjoy some game talk surrounded by people equally passionate about the joys of rugby.