A Successful Start to the Season for Team Runnymede

We are thrilled that our Team Runnymede athletes were able to resume training sessions and even some competitions last term.

It's been an extremely eventful season for Team Runnymede so far with athletes returning to competition, participating in their first-ever ski race and our Junior School pupils participating in their first-ever Spartan Race.

Without the collaboration of everyone, this would not have been possible so we would like to thank Team Runnymede staff for the great effort made and, athletes and parents for their trust and support.

We would like to share a round-up of the Team Runnymede season so far and some of our athletes' fantastic achievements.

Team Ski&Surf

Following strict COVID protocols and under the guidance of our experienced ski coordinators, our skiers were able to go on multiple trips, participate in theory and physical sessions at school, go ice skating and even go on a ski trip to Sierra Nevada last term. In November, some of our skiers took part in their first-ever ski competition, the LIGA Indoor FDMI Global Nieve Copper Dental 2020-2021 run by the Federación Madrileña de Deportes de Invierno, on the 21st and 22nd November at the Madrid Snowzone.

Trips to Ongravity and Sputnik Climbing centres allowed the team to practise the skills and technique required on the ski slopes through trampolining, stretching and gymnastics. Theory sessions at school gave our athletes interesting insights into the history of skiing. We are extremely thrilled about the first half of the ski season and are looking forward to the rest of the year.

Team Football

With new rules surrounding the formation of teams based on school bubbles, the return of football training sessions was a challenge at the beginning. However, the desire to play football that everyone showed made the task much easier. The training sessions last term were varied and allowed athletes to develop technical and physical skills. Our Infantiles and Juveniles were even able to return to competitions such as the Liga de Fútbol de los Juegos Deportivos Municipales de Madrid and, for those who weren't able to compete, our coaches arranged friendly matches at school.

Team Athletics

Our youngest athletes were exposed to each of the disciplines that comprise athletics, and have learnt that athletics is a global sport in which they develop different skills. Our alevines and infantiles have had a more specialised focus, working on the base technique they learnt last season. Our cadetes focused further on specialisation as coaches helped them discover in which discipline their strengths lie. This has allowed them to enjoy athletics more than ever.

Apart from the fantastic progress that all our athletes have been making, we have some very impressive athletics results to share. On Sunday 20th December, Team Athletics returned to the track in a competition organised by the Madrid Athletics Federation. As a result of this competition, we currently have an athlete ranked first in the Long Jump, with a jump of 4.35 metres, and a number of athletes ranked in the top ten for Long Jump and the 60 metre sprint. In addition to these impressive results, we also have a number of athletes who have achieved minimum qualifying marks to be able to compete in the Madrid Athletics Championships. We are extremely proud to see all our athletes thriving on the track, and we look forward to seeing them improve throughout the year.

Team Judo

During the first few Judo sessions, athletes received the new belts they had been waiting for since March 2020. Congratulations to all of our Judokas! Last term, our youngest judokas have been focusing on the greeting, falls and basic vocabulary. In addition, they worked on psychomotor skills, balance and laterality during classes. Our older athletes focused on the more complex and technical aspects of Judo and have learnt the first Judo/Personal Defence Kata. Finally, Runnymede's most experienced judokas had been studying and working hard on Nage no Kata, an essential part of the black belt exams. We currently have 14 judokas attending the Madrid Judo Federation courses in order to obtain their black belt.

Team Rugby

Rugby was one of the sports most affected by the pandemic but, slowly but surely, we had been able to return to training at the Campo de las Terrazas, home of the Alcobendas Rugby team, and practise some of the drills that had been excluded for the last few months. This meant that our training sessions were starting to become more dynamic and fun again. Our players have been improving their skills and are beginning to understand the fundamental concepts of this wonderful sport.

In addition, thanks to the collaboration with Alcobendas Rugby, all our Senior School students have been able to learn about the sport of Rugby, in a series of workshops led by the players and coaching staff of the Alcobendas first team.

Team Volleyball

The beginning of the volleyball season was very rewarding. Our volleyball girls showed more passion and enthusiasm than ever and were very excited to get back to training. Training sessions, and even tournaments, for our youngest volleyball players were adapted so that they could remain in their “bubbles”. Although many games had been postponed due to the pandemic, adapted trainings and friendly matches were organised to make up for it. Our two teams of infantiles began competing in the municipal league organised by the Comunidad de Madrid.

Sports will continue all through half-term next week. Team Runnymede Football, Volleyball, Rugby and Athletics training will continue and Team Ski is off to Sierra Nevada for the week. We are very proud of the enthusiasm and passion shown by Team Runnymede staff, athletes and their parents, as Team Runnymede returned to training and competition and are looking forward to the rest of the season. If you have any further questions about Team Runnymede, please contact our Director of Sports, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez at .