Spanish trip to the Teatro de la Comedia

The Spanish Department organised a trip to the Teatro de la Comedia to see the play “El auto de los inocentes” for Year 12 and Year 13 students. It was an excellent piece of work which sublimely represented the current topic of immigration, one of the Spanish A Level topics.

This play uses de Medieval play, “El auto de los Reyes Magos” (first play in Castilian language) to talk about topics such as power, politics, science, magic and nature. All of it is used by the director to bring about the current situation lived by immigrants and refugees in the Mediterranean Sea to the audience and to make them reflect about the different dilemma which have to be faced by these “Inocentes”. It also talks about the way our Western culture deals with it. The director is able to identify two very distant and different historical events (the slaughter of the innocents (by King Herodes)/the metaphorical slaughter of the immigrants and refugees in the Mediterranean).