Runnymede Year 6 Parents Help the Elderly

Concerned about how the current situation is affecting our older population, a group of our Year 6 parents contacted the fire department in Alcorcón to offer their help. After evaluating various options, they took on the task of supplying a Matabi high-performance backpack used for disinfection to care homes in the Community of Madrid.

This is the same backpack used by the fire brigade and supplying them to care homes would mean that they would be in a position to disinfect their facilities daily without the need to resort to external assistance.

Word of the initiative was spread to other Runnymede College parents with the objective being to distribute 40 of these backpacks. This was quickly achieved with donations from Year 6 parents and the involvement of the Friends of the Museum of Israel Foundation and Banco Santander, who offered administrative and legal help and gave the project a boost by assuming a significant part of the cost of equipment, respectively.

Three weeks into the project, the parents had managed to multiply their initial goal by more than ten, distributing the backpacks to over 400 residences in the Community of Madrid.

They now plan to continue distributing the backpacks to residences outside the Community of Madrid.

If you would like to learn more about this initiative or you would like to get involved, please contact us at