Runnymede College is pleased to announce the opening of a Pre-Nursery in September 2018 for children who will be two years old by the 31st of August. 

The Pre-Nursery will be situated in a specially designed area and form an integral part of Runnymede College Early Years Foundation Stage. The Pre-Nursery will be providing the new intake with the perfect place to settle into the larger community. The children’s development during this period will take place in a friendly and safe environment where pastoral care is of the highest order, and where they will be taught in English at an age when they are most suited to acquiring a language. The children will experience the love of learning and creativity which is the basis for the Early Years Foundation Stage in the British education system. They will be looked after and taught by an experienced team of fully qualified staff and will have access to the new, improved facilities in the Early Years Foundation Stage outdoor area which will be set aside for them. 

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