Founded 1967 Runnymede College, British International School, Madrid, Spain

Founder: Arthur F. Powell, O.B.E., B.A.(Hons), Lond, Cert. Ed. · Headmaster: Frank M. Powell, B.Sc.(Econ)(Hons), Lond, P.G.C.E.

University of London GCE Examination Centre 97660 · University of Cambridge (I)GCSE & GCE Examination Centre ES100 · College Board School No. 792440
Member of NABSS · Autorizado como Centro Extranjero por Orden Ministerial de 31/3/79 y 18/8/93


Runnymede College is a private school which offers a British education to boys and girls of all nationalities from the age of 3 to 18. The Senior School (ages 11-18) was founded in 1967 and the Junior School in 1987. It is housed in three buildings in La Moraleja. The aims of the School are:

  1. To offer a British-type education to boys and girls of all nationalities to the age of eighteen.
  2. The School takes into account the different ethnic and religious background of the families, adapting the requirements of the National Curriculum accordingly.
  3. The School takes into account the different social origin of families. On the whole they are from the business community, with some diplomats, military and academics.
  4. Rather than trying to inculcate the morality specific to Christianity or any other religion, we strive to develop a deep respect for the rights of the person: we believe that this is taught better through practice than preaching.
  5. One important opportunity to do this is by giving great importance to the knowledge of the host country, respect of it, its language, its history and day to day habits and customs.
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