Definition of pastoral care

Pastoral care is concerned with promoting personal, social, emotional and intellectual development in order to help every child reach their full potential and be equipped with the skills to succeed in all aspects of life. Successful pastoral care depends on getting to know each student and on listening to and addressing his/her individual needs. The pastoral team includes all members of staff and promotes positive relationships in school and the active participation of every student in the education process in order to ensure that they benefit from all that the school has to offer.

Why is pastoral care important?

The quality of pastoral care in any school is one of the major influences in creating a positive atmosphere in which every student feels valued, safe and happy about their educational experience.

At Runnymede College, we recognise that the attainment of academic excellence is directly related to, and affected by, all aspects of personal development. We strongly believe in providing an education that promotes and encourages the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of every individual. We impart a broad and balanced curriculum that prepares our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.



The safeguarding and pastoral support of our pupils is central to our school purpose, as is the promotion of good mental health and wellbeing. Young learners who feel safe, secure and supported in the school environment are best equipped to achieve their academic and social potential.

In the Senior School we have a dedicated team of Form Tutors and Heads of Year who work directly with students on a daily basis. In addition to these staff, the Deputy Head for Pastoral Care (M. Blake), the Coordinador de Bienestar y Protección (M. Mínguez) lead safeguarding and pastoral provision across all phases of the school, and additional support is received by the school psychologist, the SEND coordinators, as well as visiting educational psychologists and counsellors.

All staff at Runnymede College, both teaching and non-teaching, have regular safeguarding training, so that pupils will receive an appropriate response from any adult they may approach for support. We also seek to include our Pupil Leadership Team members from the VI Form in our pastoral structure, who receive fundamental training in safeguarding and wellbeing, and provide a relatable point of reference for younger students.

Our PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) curriculum underpins the pastoral structure, with pupils in all year groups discovering, considering and discussing a range of topics appropriate to their age.

If parents have any questions, doubts or problems regarding pastoral issues, their first port of call is the form tutor, who will then involve other members of staff and management as necessary (individual staff email addresses can be found on the school website).

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