Ballet was introduced to Runnymede over 20 years ago by our founder Julia Powell who was a great admirer of the art of ballet. Since then boys and girls from three years old have trained in this discipline under Cristina Dominguez whose career as a ballerina began under the influence of the Paris Opera in France.

Ballet, the base of all styles of dance, has a huge influence across the world.

Our classes focus on the development of creativity through artistic expression, as well as improving musicality and rhythm which are the main pillars of ballet which offer benefits for flexibility, balance and elegance.

We teach the Royal Academy of Dance in London (RAD) syllabus offering the possibility to obtain official certificates in dance. These certificates equate to UCAS points when applying to universities in the UK. Over the years, many students have completed the amateur level having completed the 8 official exams. We pride ourselves upon being one of the few schools in Spain that can exhibit this level of teaching in the world of ballet.