Runnymede College is a selective entry school. The admissions process is designed to ensure pupils joining the school will be able to cope with the British curriculum and enjoy their learning experience at Runnymede. All parents and pupils are invited to meet the Headmaster who personally oversees every application with the support of his admissions team.

The Admissions


Request for information or apply directly for admission using the Enquires link or through the Contact page. We will send you the School prospectus and other relevant information. We will then ask you to fill out our enrolment form.


Once you have filled out the enrolment form we will contact you to arrange a visit. You will meet the Headmaster who will answer any queries and show you around the campus. In the meantime, you can explore the campus via our interactive campus map.


Where places are available, applicants applying for Year 1 upwards will be invited to sit our admissions tests (see admissions requirements).


Once the entrance tests and interview have been passed the School, our Admissions Officer will then get in touch to give you further information concerning availability of places.


Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage)

At Runnymede, we accept children from two years old (children must turn two before 31st August to be eligible to join Pre-Nursery).

Runnymede follows the British ethos, that very young children learn best when engaged and immersed in play which captures their imagination, both inside and outside the classroom.

By Reception, it is expected that children joining the school already have some knowledge of English.

Key Stage 1 & 2

From Year 1, children applying to Runnymede will be required to sit an entry assessment in English and Maths.

By this age it is expected that children already have a strong base of English.

It is also necessary to provide us with your child’s most recent school report as part of their application.

Key Stage 3 & 4

Students applying to Years 7-10 inclusive are rewired to provide a school report as a reference and must sit a Maths and English assessment as well as a CAT4 test.

We do not accept new students into Year 11 given that both Years 10 and 11 of the IGCSEs must be completed at Runnymede.

Sixth Form

The entry requirements for Year 12 are 8 GCSEs at grade A or higher.

As in Key Stage 3 & 4, students are required to sit an entrance assessment in Maths and English as well as a CAT4 test. Students will also be invited to a personal interview with the Headmaster. Students will be required to submit their most recent school report as well as their mock IGCSE results on receipt of them.

For those students coming from a school which does not sit IGCSE exams, further assessment may be required.

Students will be given a conditional offer based on their overall performance in the entrance assessments and mocks. Final acceptance will be confirmed on receipt of 8 IGCSEs at grade A or higher.

We do not accept new students into Year 12 given that both Year 12 and 13 of the A levels must be completed at Runnymede.