Instrumental Lessons and Music Academy

Instrumental Lessons and the Music Academy represent two different styles of music delivery here at Runnymede College. Instrumental Lessons take place during the course of the school day, focusing on individual technique in piano, guitar, strings and drum kit. Students are provided with the opportunity to prepare for official examinations with Trinity College London, either “Classical and Jazz”, or “Rock and Pop”. We have recently launched the Music Academy, in which students do develop instrumental technique, but with much more of a focus on ensemble playing and collaboration. Further details about the Music Academy system can be found below. All enquiries about either Instrumental Lessons or the Music Academy can be directed to

Group Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons will take place once a week in small groups where our talented teachers will create a dynamic and entertaining learning experience. Theory and practice will be an integral part of these one hour lessons where different genres will be explored (blues, jazz, rock, pop,…). 

Group Size
Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar

Combo Lessons​

Every instrumental lesson will be followed by a one hour combo session where pupils (Y1 – Y13) will learn to play in bands of 5/6 (bass, guitarist, drummer, pianist, singer, violinist). Pupils specialised in the different instruments will get together to rehearse repertoires which they have learnt during their instrumental lessons.


Once a term our Music Academy will put on a show in the Julia Powell Auditorium, where all combos will have the chance to showcase their repertoires in front of the audience. The build up towards these performances will fuel our musicians’ motivation to rehearse, improve and ultimately enjoy music.