Headmaster’s Welcome

Fifty-three years ago my parents, Mr and Mrs Arthur F Powell, were confronted with a problem which is not unfamiliar to many parents nowadays. Where do we send the children to school?
Nowadays, the answer is simple, if not easy. There is a huge variety of schools to choose from; schools offering an education in different languages or several; single-sex schools; co-educational schools and schools subscribing to various religious persuasions or indeed, to none.

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Runnymede College was founded by Arthur F Powell and his wife Julia in 1967. Arthur Powell became Founder Chairman of the National Association of British Schools in Spain in 1978, from which organisation he resigned in October 1991. Mr Powell and his wife Julia managed the School until their retirement in 1998.

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The School Today

Runnymede College is a leading private non-denominational British school in Spain offering a British education to boys and girls of all nationalities from the age of two to eighteen. The School regards its task as being to provide its pupils an academically excellent, all-round liberal humanistic education and the necessary basis to succeed in the adult world, and above all, to help them to acquire a moral sense as members of the international, world-wide community.

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