Policy Statement

The aim of this policy is to outline the criteria according to which pupils may be selected for entry to the school and to outline the application and admissions process. Admissions into the school are administered by the Director of Admissions who reports to the Headmaster.

Our goal

Runnymede College is a co-educational day school for children aged 2 to 18. At Runnymede, we offer an assessment entry procedure. Identification of high academic aspiration and willingness to work hard is central to our admissions process. We seek to operate our admissions process fairly and securely and ensure that all applications are treated equally.

Equal treatment

Runnymede College promotes equality and diversity and seeks to prevent discrimination. We are committed to equal treatment for all, regardless of a prospective pupil’s gender, race, religion and belief, cultural and social background, sexual orientation, SEN and disability.


For the purpose of this document, special education needs may be defined as a physical disability, a medical condition or a learning need (dyslexia, ADHD, speed and language difficulties etc). Runnymede College welcomes students with special education needs providing that the school can offer the support required. We must be made aware of any particular requirements which may affect a child’s ability to participate in the admissions process and to take full advantage of the education provided at RC prior to the assessment process.

We do not discriminate in any way regarding entry. Parents of a child who has any known special education needs must provide the school with full written details at registration or during the admissions process. This ensures that your child can be provided with the necessary support throughout the admissions process. If a learning difficulty or disability becomes apparent after admission, we will consult with the parents about reasonable adjustments that the school can provide. We expect that parents provide the school with full disclosure of any of the above.


Successful applicants are accepted based on a child’s success in the entrance assessments and a school report from the child’s current school showing satisfactory academic progress, attainment, behaviour and conduct. (We reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a place at RC if the child is asked to leave their current school for disciplinary reasons).

The offer of a place will be at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Additional consideration factors

We value historic and family connections to RC but are also keen to foster new associations and links to build an inclusive and diverse pupil body. Siblings of current students will be subject to the same entrance requirements as all applicants however some priority may be given on the waiting lists. Admission for siblings is not automatic and there may be situations where we judge that a sibling is likely to thrive in a different academic environment.

The offer of a place will be at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Staff children

Children of staff will be subject to the same admissions procedure and criteria as other applicants for places. The offer of a place will be made when there is a place available and all entry requirements have been met.

How to register

Registration must be completed online. An application will not be considered until you have submitted the online form and confirmed that you agree with the GDPR terms and conditions.

Points of entry

The school year runs from September to August. The exact number of places varies from year to year depending on demand. Children born on or after the 1st September are put into the following year. At Runnymede College, we do not make any exceptions to this rule. Students will not be fast-tracked due to high achievement. Pupils are not admitted to Year 11 or Year 13.

Procedure / recommended time scale

Runnymede is a family run school and we treat each application in a personal way. As part of the process, parents and students will be invited to have a meeting with the Headmaster or Assistant Headmistress during which we will discuss our respective educational aims and answer any queries that you have. This will give you the opportunity to understand the schools ethos, policies and procedures. The visit will include a tour of our facilities to get a feel for life as a Runnymedian.

Where places are available or the waiting list is still open, students will be invited for assessment.

Admissions assessments

Students from Year 1 upwards will be assessed in Maths and English. For entry to Year 7 and higher, students will also be expected to sit a computerised reasoning test (CAT4). Assessments must be sat at the school. In exceptional circumstances, assessments may be sat remotely.

Examinations are set at a standard appropriate to the age of the candidates. They are designed to be suitable for pupils in schools following the British curriculum alike. Test results will not be shared with parents. Students may be required to re-sit the assessments after 12 months on the waiting list to ensure that the satisfactory academic progress has been made.

Sixth form entry

We are looking for academically able and ambitious children with aspirations to achieve places at top universities and colleges in the UK and overseas. Students who are successful in the test and interview stage will be offered a conditional offer. This conditional offer will be subject to receipt of 8 GCSEs at grade A or A*.

Making of offers

The outcome of the assessment process will be of the following:

  1. An offer of a place
  2. Waitlist (when no place is available)
  3. No offer of a place (unsuccessful in the assessment)

A formal offer of acceptance will be sent from the Headmaster in writing and enrolment will be complete on return of the signed document and receipt of the enrolment fee. The contract must be signed by all parties with parental responsibility. Where there is only one parent, proof of sole custody will be requested. The enrolment fee is non-refundable and covers the cost of the school
visit, assessment process, reservation of place and enrolment in the school.

The admissions fee can be found on the list of school fees. Please note that all fees are subject to annual review.

Those who do not secure the place by payment of the deposit within the given time, may lose their place.

Waiting lists

Our waiting lists can be long at certain entry points.

Offer of a place is only valid for the following academic year. It is common for vacancies to occur late in the day. Please do let us know of any change in contact details to be able to reach you at any time regarding any possible vacancy.

Whilst we apply a first come first served policy with the waiting lists where possible, priority will be given at times to siblings or high academic performers.


Where a student is not admitted, feedback may be requested however the school is not obliged to disclose its reasons for not accepting a student or give feedback.

Special circumstances

If your child is unwell on the day of the scheduled assessment, we ask that you get in touch with us to reschedule. Applications will not be re-considered due to poor performance on the day. If you don’t think your child is prepared to perform at their best we prefer that you reschedule the assessment.


Parents must disclose any particular known or suspected circumstances relating to their child’s health, allergies, learning difficulties or disabilities prior to the examination process.