Homework Club

Homework Club is a supervised after-school session during which pupils can complete their homework and prepare academically for their future lessons. These supervised homework sessions will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4.10pm to 5.10pm. A member of the teaching staff will be in charge of the session, ensuring that pupils use their time productively and efficiently, while also offering appropriate guidance and support.

HW Club is aimed at all pupils between Years 1 and 11 who would like to take advantage of a structured, studious environment in which to do their homework and any super-curricular or preparatory reading and research. We know that some pupils struggle to keep to deadlines, or find it difficult to both complete their homework and also get a good night’s sleep, and we hope that this club will offer them the chance to feel the benefits of timely work completion. We trust that students who join HW club will be able to get a substantial amount of work done, leaving them more scope for family time, relaxation or other extra-curricular activities later in the evening.

For the younger children, HW club will provide an opportunity for pupils to practice their reading, writing and spelling.