University Offers Update

We are delighted with the success of the current Year 13 cohort, who spent much of last term working hard on their applications to the UK and USA.

Yesterday we were thrilled to learn that two students have received offers from the University of Oxford. Marcos A has a conditional place at St Catherine’s College to study Mathematics, and Álvaro de F has another to study English Language & Literature at Somerville College. We extend our congratulations to both of them!

In addition, many students who applied to the United States through the Early Decision process have been rewarded with notable success. Four Year 13 individuals have been offered places to study at Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and University of Chicago. Others have obtained deferrals at Harvard University, Yale University and Brown University, itself a significant achievement.

Moreover, many of our Year 13 pupils who have applied to other top British institutions have already received impressive offers from universities including Imperial College London, University of St Andrews, Durham University, University of Bath, University of Warwick and The University of Edinburgh.

We will hear from the University of Cambridge later in the month, and look forward to updating you with further news of our pupils’ successes in due course.

We wish you all the best for 2023.

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