University Destinations
and Exam Results

University Destinationsand Exam Results

USAArizona State University1
USABabson College1
UKUniversity of Bath26
USABerkeley University1
UKUniversity of Birmingham1
UKUniversity of Bristol7
USABrown University1
UKCambridge University1
USAColumbia University2
USACornell University2
UKCoventry University1
USADrexel University1
UKDurham University5
USAÉcole Polytechnique Paris1
UKUniversity of Edinburgh10
NLTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven2
FREmlyon Business School1
UKUniversity of Exeter13
USAFordham University1
UKUnviersity of Glasgow3
USAGeorgia Institute of Technology3
UKGoldsmiths University, London1
USAGeorgetown University1
USAGeorge Washington University1
USAHarvard University1
UKHult Business School1
SPIE Business School5
UKImperial College London7
UKKings College London9
UKUniversity of Kent2
UKLancaster University8
UKLondon School of Economics (LSE)4
UKLoughborough University7
UKUniversity of Manchester10
USAUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor2
SPUniversidad de Navarra5
USANortheastern University2
USAUniversity of Notre Dame2
UKUniverstiy of Oxford1
USAUniversity of Pennsylvania2
USAUniversity of Purdue3
UKRoyal Holloway, University of London3
UKRegent’s University, London1
UKQueen Mary University of London5
UKSheffield University2
USASanta Clara University1
USAUniverstiy of Southern California1
UKUniversity of Southampton4
UKUniversity of St Andrews16
USAStanford University1
USAUniversity of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)1
UKUniversity College London (UCL)20
USATufts University1
USAUniversity of Virginia1
UKUniversity of Warwick24
UKUniversity of Westminster, London3
USAYale University1
UKYork University1

2023 Exams & Destinations Analysis and Infographic

A Level results

This was a challenging year, when the UK government and exam boards indicated that they would be adjusting grade boundaries in order to align the results landscape more closely with that of the pre-pandemic summer of 2019. Nevertheless, we are pleased that our graduating Year 13s achieved 58% A*-A grades at A-level, and 97% A*- C. Although this represents a mandated dip since last year, it is very pleasing to see how impressively our students compare with those at schools in England, who obtained just 27% at A*-A, or 47% A*-C in independent schools like Runnymede.

IGCSE results

Our pupils received 60% A*-A grades, with 98% of grades being A*- C. In England, 22% of students overall achieved A*-A equivalent grades, with 47% in the independent sector gaining those highest marks. Once again, therefore, it is gratifying to see how Runnymede pupils outperform their peers in the UK, highlighting both their determination and the exceptional skill of their teachers.


infographic 2023 runnymede 724x1024 - University Destinations and Exam Results


The infographic, contains the most important information: when all is said and done, what matters is where our pupil’s results enable them to pursue the next stage of their education. With the temperature around A Levels versus IB rising, there is no doubt that A Levels, as taught at Runnymede, remain the most efficient qualification in Spain and probably Europe. Our infographic reveals there are now three clear trends amongst Runnymede graduates. More going to US universities (around 20%, from 5% five years ago) More going to Spanish universities (around 20% from 10% five years ago) A steady increase in numbers going to the Netherlands (nearly 10% from effectively none, five years ago).Closer to home, Bocconi University in Milan receives applications from Runnymedians every year.In Madrid, IE is now the preferred option for those pursuing degrees in a broad range of subjects.

Old Runnymedians

Undergraduate Old Runnymedians

Over the past 15 years, 684 Old Runnymedians have gone on to pursue their university degrees at some of the best institutions in the world including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Brown, Yale, UCL and LSE. Most of our graduates choose to study in the UK, Spain or the US although other destinations such as France, Switzerland and Italy are also considered. Click on the icons for more information.

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