old runnymedians Sign up to the Old Runnymedian Dinner!

Sign-up for the next Old Runnymedian Dinner is now up!

22nd May, 2019

old runnymedians Gonzalo de la Vega triumphs in NYSE

A huge congratulations to Old Runnymedian Gonzalo de la Vega…

20th May, 2019

old runnymedians Kunal Manghnani expands his jewellery brand

We congratulate Old Runnymedian Kunal Manghnani on opening his second jewellery shop in Madrid!

8th May, 2019

old runnymedians Mike Quirk, class of '76, in Cannes

Michael Quik & Tim Needham win the first round of the 505 Euro Cup series in Cannes, France.

21st April, 2019

old runnymedians Sofĩa Hurtado highest mark in the world

Old Runnymedian Sofia Hurtado attained the highest mark in the world in her History A-level last year!

8th April, 2019

old runnymedians Thomas Roberts built a car!

Thomas Roberts is the first Old Runnymedian to build his own car!

1st April, 2019

old runnymedians A visit from Sofía Molina

It was an absolute pleasure to receive a visit from Sofía Molina recently...

1st April, 2019

old runnymedians Manuel Muñiz's efforts being recognised

We join Old Runnymedian Manuel Muñiz in his celebration of this much-deserved recognition!

28th March, 2019

old runnymedians Yousaf Bokhari interview

The first of our Old Runnymedian interviews is out!

15th March, 2019

old runnymedians Medalla de Oro del Congreso de los Diputados

Charles Powell was rewarded this week

14th March, 2019