team runnymede A Day Of Sun And Success For Team Golf

Last week, 12 students from both the Senior School and the Junior School took part in the second round of the prestigious Interschools Golf Tournament...

16th May, 2018

school life XXII Concurso de Primavera de Matemáticas

On Saturday 21st April the XXII Concurso de Primavera de Matemáticas was held at the Facultad de Matemáticas UCM.

27th April, 2018

school life Duke of Edinburgh Expedition last weekend

We are delighted to report that last weekend's expedition to Navacerrada was a great success

25th April, 2018

team runnymede Cross Aldovea 2018

On Friday 20th April, 54 students represented Runnymede College in the Cross de Aldovea...

20th April, 2018

team runnymede Madrid Championships For Team Judo

Last Saturday Diego F. had the opportunity to compete in the Campeonato de Madrid de Judo…

19th April, 2018

school life Runnymede Interhouse Senior School Sports Day

Runnymede Interhouse Senior School Sports Day finally took place this Tuesday after being cancelled due to rain earlier this month.

19th April, 2018

school life GCSE Art Students Enjoy Andy Warhol

On Monday 16th April, the Year 10 GCSE Art students were given the chance to explore the world of pop art through Andy Warhol’s eyes.

16th April, 2018

school life Malota Community School Starts Building Work

The building work has started at Malota Community School…

10th April, 2018

school life Science Week

In the last week of term the Junior School celebrated science their annual Science Week…

28th March, 2018

team runnymede Team Athletics achieves historic result in the Cross de Alcobendas 2018

Last Sunday, Team Athletics secured their best result yet in the Cross De Alcobendas 2018.

23rd March, 2018