team runnymede Team Runnymede Ski

Team Runnymede Ski has been training hard to prepare for its first Ski Trip of the season to Sierra Nevada today.

20th December, 2019

academic University Offers

Our Year 13s have received 130 offers from the UK and the US so far…

20th December, 2019

school life The Science of Formula One

Last week we had another Physics talk on How to build an F1 car…

18th December, 2019

team runnymede Judo black belts

Emma and Joseph joined the celebrated black belts of Runnymede Team Judo last week…

13th December, 2019

school life Year 11 Drama Performances

The Year 11 Drama students came into school in their own time last week to film their monologues.

11th December, 2019

school life Runnymede Year 6 Success in British Schools General Knowledge Quiz

Eight students from Year 6 were chosen to represent the school in a General Knowledge Quiz organised by Endaze School.

29th November, 2019

school life Geography Field Trip to Valencia

Year 13 Geographers visited Valencia this week to practise data collection techniques in preparation for conducting their own independent investigations as part of their A Level course.

28th November, 2019

school life Egyptian Day Year 4

The children in Year 4 were ‘walking like an Egyptian’ on Monday 25th of November, as they dressed up in their finest Egyptian costumes for school.

27th November, 2019

team runnymede Football Success for Team Runnymede

Congratulations to this fantastic football team who played an impressive tournament last week and secured third place overall.

26th November, 2019

school life The Science of Building Planes

Last week was Anti-Bullying Week, an event celebrated around the globe in order to raise awareness about the consequences of bullying and to encourage students to embrace difference.

21st November, 2019