team runnymede Junior School Spartan Race

What a fun and thrilling event the first ever RUNnymede Spartan Race was!

17th November, 2020

team runnymede Team Runnymede Live Judo Lessons

There is no stopping our Team Runnymede Judo Senseis from delivering their lessons.

8th April, 2020

team runnymede Team Runnymede continues training online

Despite the current circumstances, our Team Runnymede athletes are continuing training for their specific sport online.

3rd April, 2020

team runnymede Team Runnymede Rugby

On the 20th January, our rugby team braved the cold to take part in the Winter Soto Rugby Tournament…

4th February, 2020

team runnymede Runnymede Sensei Champions

Congratulations to the Runnymede Senseis…

4th February, 2020

team runnymede A Treble Volleyball Victory

The last two weeks have represented a real high for Team Volleyball.

24th January, 2020

team runnymede Team Runnymede Ski

Team Runnymede Ski has been training hard to prepare for its first Ski Trip of the season to Sierra Nevada today.

20th December, 2019

team runnymede Judo black belts

Emma and Joseph joined the celebrated black belts of Runnymede Team Judo last week…

13th December, 2019

team runnymede Football Success for Team Runnymede

Congratulations to this fantastic football team who played an impressive tournament last week and secured third place overall.

26th November, 2019

team runnymede Judo Success for Year 13s

Well done to Alvaro and Javier R in Year 13 who passed all their final Judo exams and received their black belts last week.

8th November, 2019