Old Runnymedians Dinner 2022

As ever, the start of term has been a busy one! However, this year we were especially pleased to begin the academic year with an event which brought together many of our former students.

ordinner2022 1 - Old Runnymedians Dinner 2022

Around 50 Old Runnymedians attended a reunion evening at school, and we were delighted to welcome back ex-pupils from many different generations of Runnymede College — from those who were pupils in the years after the school’s foundation, to others who graduated as recently as 2016.

ordinner2022 2 - Old Runnymedians Dinner 2022

Alongside drinks and delicious canapés made by the kitchen staff in their new facilities, guests were treated to a tour of the recent campus buildings, as well as a speech by the Headmaster introducing the Runnymede College Foundation.

ordinner2022 3 - Old Runnymedians Dinner 2022

Toasts were made to the Founders and the late Queen, in whose honour a minute’s silence was held.

ordinner2022 4 - Old Runnymedians Dinner 2022


It was a warm, convivial evening, during which the nostalgia flowed as freely as the wine, offering a fantastic opportunity for old friends and classmates to catch up with each other and on news about the school’s development.

ordinner2022 5 - Old Runnymedians Dinner 2022

We look forward to seeing even more Old Runnymedians attend the next event dedicated to them, and hope they will be interested in offering support and mentorship to our current pupils.

ordinner2022 6 - Old Runnymedians Dinner 2022

ordinner2022 8 - Old Runnymedians Dinner 2022


ordinner2022 7 - Old Runnymedians Dinner 2022


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