Members of staff are put through a strict recruitment process which involves interviews with the Headmaster and Heads of Department and a period of class observation. All teachers (82) and teaching assistants (16) are native English speakers (except for those in the Spanish and French departments) who have had teacher training and teaching experience in the UK, and have graduated from good universities.

Runnymede College has a high proportion of Oxbridge graduates amongst staff members (20% of Senior School teachers) and a considerable number are masters or doctors in their area of expertise.
After joining Runnymede teachers are monitored by their Heads of Department who also report to the Headmaster to identify areas for improvement and ensure they meet Runnymede’s high teaching standards. The School offers all members of staff the possibility to attend courses, seminars and conferences in the UK to keep up to date on the latest trends in education.


Recurso 1 - Staff

Mr Frank Powell


Recurso 2 1 - Staff

Ms Georgina Powell

Assistant Headmistress

Manuel powell - Staff

Mr Manuel Powell

Strategic Planner & COO

Recurso 4 - Staff

Mrs Cristina Powell


Deputy Head

Junior School

Senior School