In the arts, there are no right or wrong answers. Pupils are encouraged to form opinions, to develop a critical language and a creative interpretation. From Year 7 we aim to open pupils’ eyes to view the world in a different way: to think, to feel and to reflect on their surroundings. But above all, to enjoy the subject itself. Confidence is built up through the constant process of drawing, and the simple pleasure of using and understanding processes and materials.

The Art Department offers a welcoming atmosphere where pupils can explore their own ideas and personality as well as satisfy the requirements of the course. Our aim is for all students to develop creatively, independently and individually. They are given a balanced programme of art and design activities and are introduced to the work of artists, designers and craftsman, learning to use these influences to develop and inform their own practical work. The Art rooms are spaces where students can open their minds to other values and emotions – a place to be inspired, where students learn to respect, appreciate, give opinions and justify their own; a space to flourish, create the unexpected and develop artistic expression.

We offer Art GCSE and A-level.