Modern Languages

Whilst relationships between countries, and indeed between regions, seem to be becoming ever more complex, it is clear that languages continue to be an essential part of the toolkit required to participate in the modern world effectively. Of course Runnymede parents and pupils have long been aware of this and the continuing enthusiasm for French at the school bears witness to this truth.

What are these students hoping to gain from their French studies (apart from a grade to get them to a good university)? From our perspective, we hope they gain a lifelong love of language learning, an insight into francophone culture, and an ability to communicate with Spain’s neighbours. What they are also gaining is an important passport to find stimulating work, with language proficiency increasingly being used as a way to distinguish between job applicants.

Runnymedians have throughout the years excelled at the study of French, with results showing it is one of our most successful departments. That being the case, the department has now embarked on the mission to also teach Italian as an IGCSE to those keen and abled students who complete their French IGCSE in a single year.

Francés 23 - Modern Languages

We offer French IGCSE and A-level and Italian.

Francés 15 - Modern Languages