Science is an important subject in Key Stage 3 and prepares the pupils for their IGCSEs in the individual science disciplines. We learn essential skills and facts about how our bodies work, the interaction of chemicals and how forces and our grasp of them help shape our lives today. We not only aim to educate but to inspire everybody to create, discover and innovate so that the future is better for everyone.

The department’s main objective is to highlight the importance of science in society and introduce our students to the wonders of the subject and its endless opportunities. We do this not only through carefully executed lessons but also through fun experiments that ensure our pupils will be looking forward to exploring science further.

Science teaches the laws of nature, Chemistry and Physics so that we can continue moving forward, evolving faster than our bodies can. We can survive in such extreme places only because of our understanding of the world around us. Science in Key Stage 3 provides the foundation which is built upon as our pupils move forward through each level and beyond. We hope to create something that will help us, as a species, to move forward to the future.

Química 6 - Science
Química 42 - Science