Many Runnymedians choose to study Economics in the VI Form. Here, they are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their progress and many students supplement their classroom learning with regular reading of publications such as The Economist and the Financial Times. Economics is a subject traditionally favoured by good ‘all-rounders’: students who can think critically, apply theory to real-world events and use words, numbers and diagrams to communicate.

The Economics department currently studies the AQA A-level, with students taught by two teachers: one specialising in Microeconomics and the other in Macroeconomics. Microeconomics includes the study of topics such as the labour market, inequality and business, whereas Macroeconomics considers areas including international trade, the role of the financial sector and government policy.

As well as learning the language of Economics, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to current affairs, research and write about their areas of interest, and even enter international essay competitions during their two years studying the course.

bank of engalnd ii - Economics