First Runnymede University Fair a great success

This week has been replete with exciting opportunities for our Year 12 pupils to explore their future university options. With the vast majority of our VI Formers applying to the UK, and a large proportion ultimately deciding to study there, we ensure that they are given access to as much information and support as possible in making their decisions about courses and universities.

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After two years of virtual visits, we were delighted to have university representatives visit us in person this week. In addition to individual presentations and Q&As from Cambridge, Warwick, Southampton, Surrey and LSE, all Year 12s attended Runnymede College’s first University Fair on Wednesday afternoon. Held in the Julia Powell building, the Fair offered representatives from nine of the most renowned and respected UK universities the chance to meet with our students. Gathering keenly around the colourful and informative stalls, the VI Formers asked questions about the admissions process, the advantages and atmospheres of particular universities, and the specifics of different courses. It was an invaluable opportunity to learn about some of the UK’s top institutions, including St Andrews, Bath, Manchester, Lancaster, Loughborough, SOAS, Exeter, Sussex and Bristol.

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We are proud to have organised our own university fair, especially for our students. This is testament to the very high regard in which applicants from Runnymede are held by universities in the UK, and how keen they are to attract our pupils. Feedback from the representatives was extremely positive, praising our pupils’ enthusiasm and insightful questions.

1646326965669 - First Runnymede University Fair a great success

Similarly, the Years 12s greatly appreciated the opportunity offered by the event. Itziar L said: “I found the university fair extremely helpful in finding new institutions with courses that interest me, and learning more about the student life at each university.” Clara S added: “I thought the university fair was very informative as it allowed me to explore the nuances in the course I am interested in across the universities. I learned about the exciting clubs and societies on offer as well as the partnerships abroad which greatly appealed to me.”

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Parents of Year 12 pupils were also invited, and it was wonderful not only to give them the chance to get involved in the early stages of the university admissions process, but also for them to see the changes to the school campus. Many parents who attended had not been on site since March 2020, and they were impressed to see the fantastic developments which have been completed since then, particularly the spacious and light-filled Julia Powell Sports Hall & Auditorium.

1646326964490 - First Runnymede University Fair a great success

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