Year 2 Performance: Everyone Belongs

On Friday 2nd February, Year Two performed spectacularly in their production entitled ‘Everyone Belongs’. They demonstrated fantastic acting, singing and dancing skills as well as showing their fluency and eloquence in the English language through their articulate delivery of their lines.

Set in a fictional village where the inhabitants give out stars to one another if they do something that is good, and dots to those who do bad things, ‘Everyone Belongs’ showcased the importance of diversity. We are so proud of the children for how brilliantly they performed after weeks of dedication, passion and enthusiasm during rehearsals.

The Year 2 team are so grateful to the school community for their support and encouragement, for coming to watch them and being a wonderfully respectful audience, and to parents who helped with costumes and learning lines. We can happily say that Year Two gave a shining performance and emphasised a vital message: love and embrace yourself and everyone around you for who you all are.

IMG 6155 1024x683 - Year 2 Performance: Everyone Belongs

IMG 6017 1024x683 - Year 2 Performance: Everyone Belongs

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