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Recurso 6 1 - Ski & Surf

Team Runnymede offers a unique programme for our pupils to discover and improve on these two exciting sports:

For Skiing we have created a fully licensed club led by Manuel Powell (holder of the national ski instructor qualification), and is open to all levels, from complete beginners to those looking to perfect their technique.

Pupils will follow a specifically designed training programme and there is a High Performance programme for pupils looking to compete. This year several of our skiers displayed great performances in Madrid and Spain championship races including a first place in Slalom in Sierra Nevada.

Ski Academy

After a successful trial during the 2020/21 season, Team Runnymede will be including a series of Ski Academy trips in its season calendar. Pupils combine morning Ski Training sessions with afternoon lessons and study time. The afternoon Academy is always supervised by Runnymede teaching staff, both in person and online, making the most of our blended learning systems and experience. Our skiers are only allowed to train if they successfully cover the school day’s content, exercises and tasks.

Surfing will also be an integral part of the club with its autumn and summer trips to the North of Spain where pupils will be able to fully immerse into the sport and its culture through skating, trekking and much more.

Runnymede pupils may also sign up to any of the programmed Ski and Surf trips individually.

surf loredo 2020 - Ski & Surf

2022/23 Season Calendar

Subject to change following competition event dates and weather conditions)

Pre-Season Activities
23rd – 25th September
Surf Long Weekend Trip
29th September – Oct 2nd
October – November
Pre-Season Activities
14th – 16th October
Half-Term Ski Trip (France)
October 28th to November 6th
2nd – 8th December
Sierra Nevada
16th – 19th December
Ski Academy
26th – 29th January
Sierra Nevada
12th – 18th February
Sierra Nevada
8th – 12th March
Sierra Nevada
9th – 16th April
Surf Trip to Loredo
18th – 21st May
Summer Surf Trip to Loredo
24th – 30th June

Club membership features:

Standard Membership

Fee: €850 / Term

High Performance Membership

Fee: €1,300 / Term

Individual Ski and Surf Trips

All Runnymede pupils (non club members included) will be able to sign up to any of the programmed Ski and Surf trips individually

Fees will be announced at least one month in advance.

You can enrol your child to the Ski&Surf program on the Parent Portal’s Team Runnymede section.
For further information please email us at

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