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We treat volleyball as a complement to a complete education, working with the children from a very young age to teach and instil a set of values that will accompany our players throughout their lives.
Volleyball develops not only healthy habits, but is also an effective way for children to start to understand the importance of commitment. They strive to be better players, realising that effort and perseverance lead to better results and they become part of a team, all indispensable qualities for any individual.
All of this is provided in an atmosphere that prioritises fun and an enjoyment of volleyball, with our main focus being that the children develop to be healthy competitors who love to play.
Our coaches have experience in all levels of competition and boast a true vocation for volleyball. Our teams compete in the tournaments organised by the Comunidad de Madrid as well as Interschool competitions, with excellent results in both. Above all we work to make happy volleyball players!

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