& Visits

The School believes that group activities outside the classroom are not only culturally enriching but also that they make an important contribution to the development of personality and character.

Knowing how to behave in a group, helping to organize activities, accepting the authority of the leader – all these play an important role in developing the individual as a member of society.

Many of the children have never had the experience of going to a play or concert, nor visited museums or archaeological sites before going with the School.

The experience of spending a night, or week-end, with a group of classmates, away from parental control in a hotel or under canvas, plays a role in the personal development of a growing child in a way that even the most devoted parents cannot achieve alone.

Pupils of the Junior School visit farms (what an eyeopener it is to learn about animals on a farm!), the zoo, the mountains and lakes around Madrid. The Juniors visit the Roman site of Segóbriga whilst the Senior School annually visits Mérida: the geographers study the environment, the historians visit museums and places of historic interest whilst the Art and Music teachers introduce them to the wonders of the great art museums of Madrid and take them to youth concerts. A Choir and instrumental Ensemble meet during lunch breaks. In this way, for many children who are not members of Spanish clubs and youth organisations the School becomes a Club centre at break-time and after school.